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Looking for a lawyer that can help you avoid confrontation and high legal fees? Contact Key Law Professional Corporation if you are seeking a family law firm that can help you separate from your spouse or common-law partner through negotiation and mediation. Our lawyers can provide the following services to facilitate uncontested divorces and separations.

Our services include:

Separation Agreements

These are contracts that can be entered into by married or common-law partners when they decide to live apart. A separation agreement is not a divorce but is a crucial step in negotiating an amicable settlement. These agreements deal with the division of property such as homes, bank accounts, cars, pets, and other assets. It also deals with child and spousal support payments.

Domestic Contracts (Prenups)

These are contracts between married or common-law partners that protect their assets in the event of a breakdown in the relationship. Prior to entering into a domestic contract, both parties must disclose all of their assets to the other. These contracts can be entered into either before the relationship commences or during the relationship. Where the relationship results in separation, then a separation agreement would be required instead.

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Simple Divorces/Joint Divorces

These types of divorces are commonly known as uncontested divorces. This is the next step for married couples that already have a separation agreement in place and seek to obtain a divorce certificate from the Courts. It is also possible to obtain a divorce certificate where a separation agreement is not already in place.


Key Law Professional Corporation can assist the parties in understanding their rights and obligations concerning the complex family law system in Canada and Ontario to help facilitate an amicable settlement. If you are seeking a family law firm that is focused on reducing confrontation and can help towards your goal of separating and obtaining a divorce order without the high legal costs, contact Key Law Professional Corporation and book a consultation.

Independent Legal Advice Certificates

If you are engaged in a negotiated settlement and require an independent legal advice certificate prior to signing, contact Key Law Professional Corporation and book an appointment.

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